buy Ammo 250 Rounds federal 5.7 Ammo 5.7x28mm


ammo 250 rounds federal 5.7x28mm ammo cartridge features a rimless, bottleneck case with an overall length of 1.594 inches (40.5 millimeters). The bullet is .224 inches (5.7mm) in diameter, just smaller than the .25-inch (6.35 mm) neck. The shoulder diameter is .311 inches (7.9mm), extending to the rim, which is .307 inches (7.8mm) in diameter and .045 inches (1.14mm) thick. The 5.7x28mm ammo cartridge uses a boxer small rifle primer. Maximum pressure for the cartridge was put at 50,040 psi, according to the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute testing method.

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